Wigan Driving School supports Local Triathlon Club

1st Call Driving Schools Wigan is proudly supporting Tri Team Wigan. Managing director of 1st Call and active club member Paul Atkinson has taken over the club website and with the support of Cybernet Web Services will be redeveloping the site over the next couple of months.
1st Call will be sponsoring the cost of the website for the next 2 years and will also assist in marketing the site and generating additional funding from other local companies.


Female Driving Instructor Manchester

Congratulations to Chantell of 1st Call Driving Schools Manchester who has just passed her final Driving Instructor exam. She is now a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor. If you would like to book driving lessons with Chantell in Manchester contact 1st Call on 08456431679.

Chantell is another trainee to come through the 1st Call Driving Schools Instructor Training Program. She came to 1st Call having failed the exam twice with another Driving School. For more information about our driving instructor training courses visit www.1st-call.co.uk


Letter from one of our customers

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that i have recently passed my driving test through your company. My instructor was Andy Lewis. I would just like to let you know that i was extremely impressed by the high standard of tuition from Andy. His patience and tolerance during lessons was commendable and at times when it felt like i was never going to get things right he was encouraging and supportive. I'm sure the fact that Andy is able to adapt his style of teaching to the individual and their needs helps enormously.

Based my experience with Andy i wouldnt hesitate to recomend your company to any friends and family that are considering driving lessons.

Thanks again and please pass on my most sincere thanks to Andy.

Kind regards,

Diane Youds


Eco Driving can save £s

Green eco-driving will not only save money by reducing your fuel consumption but will also help you reduce your vehicle's greenhouse gas emissions and the negative impact your vehicle has on the environment.

Fuel cost is a major factor in any car driver's expenditure so making sure your car is performing at maximum efficiency will help you save money on fuel bills.

Here are are top eco driving tips.

  • Roof racks, bike carriers and roof boxes will affect your car's aerodynamics and reduce fuel efficiency. If you have to use them make sure you remove them when not in use. Driving with the windows or sunroof open will also decrease your car's aerodynamics.

  • Change into the highest appropriate gear as soon as you can. Revving the engine in low gear consumes large amounts of fuel. For maximum efficiency you should shift up a gear when the engine is revving between 2000 and 2500 revs.

  • Maintain a steady speed using the highest gear possible. The most efficient speed is typically around 45 - 50mph. Driving faster than this will greatly increase your fuel consumption. The Department of Transport claim driving at 70 mph uses up to 9% more fuel than at 60 mph and up to 15% more than at 50 mph.

  • If you anticipate being stuck in a queue of traffic for more than a minute or so then cutting the engine will save petrol and reduce emissions.

  • Avoid short journeys, car engines use more fuel when cold and catalytic converters take around six miles before they become effective.

  • Check your tyre pressure regularly. Under-inflated tyres are dangerous and can increase fuel consumption by up to 3%.

  • Don't turn on the engine and leave it idling in order to warm up your car. This wastes fuel and causes engine wear.

  • Turning on the air condition for long periods of time will significantly increase fuel consumption.

  • Plan your journeys so that you avoid congestion, road works and getting lost.

  • Have your car serviced according to the manufacturers schedule. This will help maintain engine efficiency and cut fuel consumption.


1st Call Blog is Back!

After some technical problems the 1st Call Driving Schools blog is now back online. Over the next couple of weeks blog admin will be posting loads of articles to make up for the lost time.

There are loads of test passes to be uploaded and these will be posted 1st. We have also recruited a number of new instructors and will post details of these.

Thanks for your patience.